Custom Graphics

With this service, you have great control over the dynamic text displayed in the background graphics within your video stream.You simply define the background graphics (your image with transparency or monochrome rectangle) and the desired number and style of text fields (different fonts, sizes and colors) to be displayed within these background graphics.

You can then change the content of the text fields dynamically via Control Room (GUI with control buttons and text fields within the CamOverlay App), or you can push the text into text fields via API. Alternately, if you need to pull the data from your external system and alter this data somehow, you can use the CamScripter App as a bridge to do the job for you. You’ll find this service to be an interesting solution for various scoreboard systems', POS, weather stations or news feed integrations. The possibilities are endless.

The service contains also Countdown fields where you can set the countdown to desired date and time.


Here you can download our example scoreboards which are ready to use. Just import them with pictures to your CamOverlay App.




Control room


Service settings

Create subtitles for speakers easily and control them via the Control room, you can use this example and import it to your camera.


Please take into account that this service works perfectly on cameras with Artpec-6 and higher processors. On older cameras, with an Artpec-5 processor, you can randomly observe color stripes during graphics refresh (cameras do not support new graphics API). The type of the processor can be checked here.