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Case study – AXIS partner


Tourist webcams in the most interesting places in France

French AXIS partner Vision-Environnement provides its clients with everything they need for 24/7 live streaming. Its services are mostly used by municipalities, tourist centers or operators of various tourist attractions such as hotels, beaches, restaurants, and other operations. With its network of dozens of webcams, the company has also reached French television, where viewers can watch live shots during weather forecasts.

Axis camera

An AXIS camera

CamStreamer Application

The CamStreamer application

Internet connection

An internet connection


Everything you need to start streaming

How it works

Services provided by Vision-Environnement

 Sales and installation of AXIS cameras

 Live stream setup via the CamStreamer app

 Placement of the stream on the website with graphics providing meteorological information

The client chooses the appropriate AXIS IP camera model after a consultation. PTZ models are favorites, as they allow for the creation of an interesting dynamic stream. In addition, clients select an annual fee tariff offering that allows them to stream on a selected platform like YouTube Live or place a stream on their own website.

Vision-Environnement provides a complete technical silution from installing your camera to launching the stream using the Camstreamer app, which is embedded into the camera.


 Buying a camera

 Camera installation

 One-time fee for CamStreamer with partner discount

 Service costs


 Camera sales

 Installation of the camera

 Annual fee for live streaming, advertising revenue



Clients can show how beautiful their surroundings are and attract new visitors using a live stream. Who uses it most?

 Municipalities in interesting places

 Tourist offices

 Tourism-industry operators

 Hotels, guesthouses



 Ski resorts

 Boat rentals, surfboards ...

Cooperation with French TV

Tourist webcams are often used by Internet users to follow major climatic events such as storms, thunderstorms, heat waves or cold spells in real time. France Télévisions’ meteorological service now uses some favorite webcams during weather reports on France TV.

weather forecast

What the head of Vision-Environnement says:

“For us the CamStreamer application has been a real time and money-saver when installing tourist webcam broadcasts in video and in real time on the Internet. We highly recommend this application – even network novices can stream without difficulty.”


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