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AXIS Live Camera Q1615-LE MkIII

This is a live video of Digital Eye Field Labo. Operated by CTS Co., Ltd. At this facility, you can experience the performance and functions of the outdoor cameras we handle, which helps our customers solve their problems.

Technical solution

AXIS Q1615-LE Mk III combines exceptional imaging and video performance with outstanding hardware and processing capabilities to provide the perfect platform for analytics based on artificial intelligence (AI) with deep learning. This fixed box camera with Q-line functionality and exceptional video quality includes an innovative dual chipset that is the basis for remarkably granular object classification. AXIS Object Analytics is preinstalled and the camera’s dual chipset facilitates powerful artificial intelligence with deep learning. This allows AXIS Object Analytics to distinguish between bikes, cars, buses, trucks, and so on. You can decide which vehicles you want to detect and when alarms are triggered, and notifications are sent to security personnel. Basing notifications on recognizing the difference between different kinds of vehicles results in fewer false alarms. So your operators will waste less time responding unnecessarily and they’ll be able to handle more cameras.

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