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Unique elk antler arch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

You might think that the small town of Jackson hidden in the shadow of the Teton and Gros Ventre mountain ranges has nothing to offer. However, the opposite is the truth! Do you see the white arch? It's made of elk antlers completely. Antler arches have been built here since the early 1960s. No worries, no elk was hurt. Antlers are solid and fall off naturally from animals who grow new sets every year. Jackson is also the gateway to adventure at Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Enjoy the rural beauty in the scene and you might find yourself on a virtual vacation in the American West.

Technical solution

AXIS Q1615 Mk II Network Camera is the world’s first network camera with an intelligent i-CS lens. AXIS Q1615 Mk II delivers superior image quality in footage of fast-moving objects in even the most demanding lighting conditions, as you can see in this stream (cars, cyclers and traffic lights are displayed in perfect quality, even at night). And you can customize your surveillance solution to the requirements of specific scenes. AXIS Q1615 Mk II is perfect for both outdoor and indoor surveillance at, for example, intersections, airports and train stations or of production lines.

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