World War II aircraft restoration (overhead view)

Active restoration of a World War II, B-17 Flying Fortress aircraft. The work is being done by a team of volunteers and the goal is to get the B-17 back to flying status. Watch the aircraft's way back to the sky in this interesting broadcast!

Technical solution

Small, smart AXIS M1004-W is ideal for securing locations such as small businesses, boutiques, restaurants, hotels or residences. It uses progressive scan technology to provide HDTV 720p video, and offers the choice of either a wireless or a wired connection to the network. It features Wi-Fi Protected SetupTM protocol that simplifies the process of configuring logical security on wireless networks. Together with the wireless 802.11b/g/n standard, the protocol assures user-friendliness and high network security, while enabling HDTV video to be streamed reliably over a wireless network. AXIS M1004-W supports edge storage for recording to network shares such as Network-Attached Storage (NAS).

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