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Breckenridge Mountain Cam, CO, USA

This livestream mountain cam sits atop of a chimney at Breckenridge Associates Real Estate on Main Street, Breckenridge, Colorado, USA, which is the most visited ski area in North America. In winter the camera will complete a tour of some of the most difficult ski slopes on the mountain where you can watch live expert skiers/boarders challenge the mountain. In summer you can view elk, moose and mountain bikers!

Technical solution

Perfect, instantaneous focus is a challenge for PTZ cameras – especially in low light. AXIS Q6155-E PTZ Dome Network Camera uses advanced laser technology to always give flawless focus – even in the dark. The top-of-the line AXIS Q6155-E is ideal for city surveillance, critical infrastructure and other applications where instant focus on moving objects and fast-changing scenes is needed. AXIS Q6155-E’s built-in laser makes it the fastest-focusing PTZ camera on the market. Under difficult circumstances, like scenes with low light, low contrast, or point-shaped light, AXIS Q6155-E really stands out. Its 100% safe laser beam measures the distance between the camera and an object in a fraction of a second, delivering perfectly focused images every time.

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