Multiple streams

Do you know about the possibility of creating two distinct simultaneous live broadcasts streaming on two different streaming platforms? Have you encountered a problem when choosing a streaming service that will be suitable for the event? Whether to choose, for example: Facebook Live allowing you to interact more with fans or YouTube and having an expected bigger hit by views?

CamStreamer App offers the possibility to use both services at once from version 2.0 (compatibility checker here). You can create two independent streams with different values which will be in different streaming services. Thus, you will get the opportunity to reach a larger number of viewers.


Multisensor camera

Planning to use one of those new multisensor cameras from AXIS? No worries, CamStreamer will cope with that. Choose one sensor to stream or stream all at once. 




Virtual camera

Define more areas of interest (virtual cameras) on your camera and stream them all at once with CamStreamer.

It’s possible for those even with small budgets to create multi-camera video shoots. Use e.g. two static 4K cameras and use digital cropping to get the equivalent of eight camera angles (View areas)! Stream all view areas at once.