PTZ camera tours

Take the opportunity to set the Guard tour using the PTZ camera positions on selected models. 

What is PTZ?

Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) is a name given to a type of IP camera where the user can control the movement and position of the lens from a remote location using controls on an Internet browser.

Panning refers to horizontal movement of the lens while tilting describes vertical movement. The process of zooming refers to the adjustment of the focal length of the lens to make a subject appear close-up or far away depending on the setting. Although a lot of AXIS cameras come with vari-focal lenses with focal length adjustment, a camera described as PTZ will almost certainly have an adjustable optical zoom. 

Guard tour:

Set favourite positions of the camera (PTZ), the time remaining to the position and time of the crossing to the next position. In this simple way, you can get the possibility to introduce more interesting places from around one camera. Create an interesting path of the camera that works continuously in a loop. See example from Prague camera below.