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People love watching animals online. Eagles’ nests, gorillas at the zoo or crocodiles in the wild – all have hundreds of followers daily. Let the audience see what you’re doing and they’ll be more willing to support your activity – whether you’re a wildlife center, a shelter for injured or lost animals, a zoo, or an animal breeder.

A high-quality stream from an Axis camera directly to YouTube, Facebook, Wowza or Dacast

Axis camera

Axis camera

CamStreamer Application

CamStreamer application

Internet connection

Internet connection

Everything you need


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It’s never been easier

All you need to stream wildlife shots is an Axis camera, the CamStreamer application, and an internet connection. You don’t have to search for an encoder to transfer the signal from the camera or deal with audio and video tracks separately. All you have to do is set up your selected Axis camera model with the CamStreamer application, choose your stream settings, and you’re broadcasting.

Make it easy
Axis IP camera

An Axis camera for every place and every occasion

Axis offers a broad portfolio of top-quality cameras. Are you planning on broadcasting outdoor footage? Select one of our special cameras, which are resistant to various weather conditions such as rain, dust, freezing temperatures, or strong heat. Is there a risk that animals might damage the camera? Just select the anti-vandal version. With a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera, you can turn and zoom the camera to create a truly dynamic and captivating stream.

Infographics directly to video

You can add graphics and text directly to your live video with the help of the CamOverlay application. Add information about animals or your sponsors’ logos for people to see on your stream. Not only will you add some life to the broadcast (and recording), you’ll also support its informational and promotional value.


An inspiration for your stream

Several interesting wildlife cameras powered by CamStreamer

Stork nest, wildlife rescue station, Czech Republic

This popular stream from a stork nest is monitored by hundreds of people every day. The Makov Rescue Station in the Czech Republic, where these handicapped storks live, is using this project as a case study for raising funds for its activities.

Eagle nest, Indiana, USA

The stream of this nest of protected Bald Eagles has been operated by the Environmental Change Initiative of the University of Notre Dame since 2017. The eagle nest is located in St. Patrick’s County Park, where the bald eagles have now given birth to young three years in a row. The stream is part of the Experimental Ecosystem Facility, where scientists from the university have the opportunity to carry out various research in the natural environment. They then share the research results with the public in various programs, one of which is this online stream of the eagle nest. If there’s nothing interesting happening at the moment, viewers can have a look at recordings of the best moments.

Budapest Zoo / Hungary

As one of the oldest in the world, this zoo offers streams of several animal species. Interested viewers can watch elephants, giraffes, and also wolves. This beautiful zoo, located directly in the center of the city, is one of our absolute favorites, and that’s not only because they use our CamStreamer application.

Need more inspiration?

Read an article on why zoos around the world are using live streams of their animals.

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