Time schedules

CamStreamer App supports two types of scheduling:

a) automatic start and stop for particular day and hour in version 3.X
Example: YouTube broadcasting starts at 8 AM 17 July 2019 and ends at 10 AM 17 July 2019

b) recurrent start and stop for any days in a week
Example: broadcasting to YouTube runs each Wednesday from 7 AM to 9 AM and each Sunday from 9 AM to 10 AM

Check our example video with Scheduling&Triggering within the CamStreamer App

Scheduling is not available for Periscope.tv
For scheduling to a particular day, the camera has to support CamStreamer App 3.X, compatibility checker here.


Streaming with delay

CamStreamer App supports streaming with the delay from version 3.6.2. The length of the delay depends on video quality and capacity of the SD card which is needed. With this function, you can stream e.g. to YouTube with an hour delay. This is very useful as security precautions - if something happened it is possible to stop the stream before it is published online.