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A guide to getting the most out of Live Gallery

15 Nov 2018 - 09:20

As ACAP application developers, we at CamStreamer have a unique opportunity to be part of thousands of live streams from all over the world. This means we get to see an incredible amount of diverse IP cam footage: zoos, intersections, wildlife observation, cityscapes, beaches, art centers, ski resorts, beehives… The list of possible live cam locations goes on and on. So, why not bring this broad palette from different corners of the world together?

And that’s how Live Gallery came into being.


What is Live Gallery?

Live Gallery is an unparalleled online aggregator of live streams from Axis IP cameras. It contains hundreds of live streams from diverse locations and with various missions. The set of filters helps you find what you’re looking for – you can either filter live streams based on camera type and live stream category, such as nature, animals, city, travel, airports, stations, etc., or use the full-text search. 

Each live stream profile features technical details about the particular streaming solution, including camera type, owner website (optional), reseller website (optional), country, camera location data, and information about CamStreamer applications being used for the stream.

However, because we can’t affect camera settings, such as fps and resolution, or the internet connection, we’re not able to guarantee that all the cameras are reaching their maximum performance potential.


How to use it?

1) Explore the vast camera portfolio

Live Gallery is particularly useful when you’re considering investing in an Axis camera (CamStreamer applications run exclusively on Axis devices) and aren’t sure which device is the best one for you. Live Gallery presents a vast portfolio of Axis products, which can be invaluable when it comes to choosing the right product. Do you want to make sure your preferred camera type is the one you really need? Are you looking for product alternatives? Do you want to compare camera types? Watching real-time streams will help you make the right decision!

2) Find the right solution

Live streaming is gaining more and more popularity and often exceeds other marketing tools in terms of impact, persuasion, engagement, and appeal. Get the hang of its possibilities by exploring successful live streams in our Live Gallery! The scene being shown, the angles, additional graphics, the camera being used… It’s all there. Be inspired.

3) Have fun and discover the possibilities

Last but not least, Live Gallery is a lot of fun! You can watch the construction of the tallest building in Russia and Europe, airplanes landing at one of the most dangerous airports on Earth, or relax while watching dozens of colorful birds flitting about an amazing feeding station in Ohio, USA. Dive into the most attractive live streams out there!


At CamStreamer, we believe live streaming is a tool of the future, and Live Gallery is here for you 24/7 to prove it.


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CamStreamer Team