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Easy solution for sport live streaming with real-time score info

27 Aug 2018 - 12:10

Streaming sports events is gaining more and more popularity these days. Sports clubs, couches, and sports venues have learned that live streaming can be beneficial for athletes, vide coaching purposes, sports fans, marketing communication… and the list goes on. That’s why demand is on the rise for as efficient and cost-effective solution that doesn’t require an army of video technicians and IT guys, a solution which even non-technical people can easily implement. So, how do you stream a sports event with real-time score information without difficult programming?

What you need

The key is to choose the right camera. As live stream application developers, we partner with Axis Communications, whose cameras offer a unique feature called the Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP). Thanks to it, space has been created for developers to come up with applications designed to meet specific customer needs – such as our embedded live streaming applications.

An effective sports live streaming with real-time score info can, therefore, be started with nothing more than two Axis cameras and our embedded apps. One of the cameras serves as the main camera with both CamStreamer and CamOverlay applications installed. This camera also captures the action. The secondary camera is used as a source of score information and as such is focused on the scoreboard.


How to do it

  • Install CamOverlay
  • Use the service called “Picture In Picture”
  • Set the local IP address of the second camera and its password
  • Select view area and resolution
  • Select position in picture
  • Save

How it works

The main camera pulls the images (i.e. score information from the scoreboard) from the secondary camera via API and displays them thanks to the smart configuration options of the CamOverlay App. The image from the secondary camera is updated at regular intervals set in the Picture in Picture service (e.g. every second).


A solution once and for all

TWith this workaround, you can avoid difficult programming as well as purchasing a new API-integrated scoreboard. Axis cameras (the full-featured AXIS M1124-E can be purchased for 377 €) and CamStream apps combo are the only investments, once and for all!

Start your sports live streaming with integrated score info today!

CamStreamer Team