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Facebook integration

24 Oct 2019 - 13:53

The CamStreamer App is deeply integrated with the Facebook platform and offers many options for launching your stream or displaying it on your Timeline or Facebook Page. You can even embed Facebook stream to your website.

The functionality options listed below are available in application version 3.X. If your camera does not support this version due to outdated FW, please contact us for more detailed information or try out a 30-day trial version on your camera.

Application compatibility can be verified here: https://camstreamer.com/download-app

Launch options

a) Manually via the application’s user interface
b) Manually via a button connected to the camera
c) Automatically via API
d) Scheduled launch with a regular weekly schedule
e) Scheduled launch for a specific date and time

Individual demonstrations of the user interface for scheduling are available in the use case “How to set up scheduling and triggering in CamStreamer App”

Streaming modes

Facebooks provides two streaming modes for your streaming:

a) Regular - with this mode you can stream up to 8 hours and recorded video will be available on your Timeline/Page after the end of streaming
b) Ambient - this mode is best for 24/7 streaming and does not have a recording available (video is no longer available after the end of streaming)

Currently you have two options where to post your Live Video:

a) On your Timeline
b) On a Page you manage

Privacy settings is available for streaming to your Timeline. Options are the following:
a) Public
c) Friends
d) Just me
Streaming to Facebook Page is each time publicly available.


If you want to stream to more than one page, you can edit your stream directly on Facebook and in Settings activate restream to other pages which you manage.

Dynamic names

With manual events and repeating weekly events, you can turn on automatically generated extensions for your events, which are either ordinal numbers or the dates of when the events take place.

Other advanced options

Description - you can add a description that is visible above the stream on Facebook, description is more important than name which is visible after click on video
Save recording -
finished stream will stay on your Timeline as a Video. Available only for REGULAR streaming mode.
Preview picture -
you can choose your own image as preview for scheduled event
Countdown - t
he next stream is created on the Facebook Timeline and viewers can watch scheduled event until the stream goes live. Each scheduled event is visible 15 minutes before the start. Event is created on Facebook no earlier than 168 hours before its start.

Direct link, DASH preview URL and Embedded player Permanent link – this link always

Permanent link – this link always directs to your stream; it can be entered as a link into the text of a website
Embedded permanent player –
a player for embedding video on your website; it always shows the current live stream
DASH preview URL -
you can play your Facebook stream via DASH capable player (e.g. VLC media player)


For audio, you can use a microphone, audio from another camera via an RTSP link, or your own audio file in MKA format (Facebook does not support MP3). When using your own choice of audio, make sure to be careful of copyright.

Types of Facebook services in the CamStreamer App

Facebook Manual
Event without scheduling. You can start/stop your stream whenever you want via the user interface or via an external button connected to the camera. Event supports repeated use with starts and stops and continues to function until you delete it. It is suitable for institutions such as municipalities, churches and all time-sensitive events that require manual triggering.

Facebook One-Time
Scheduled event with one-time recurrence. A countdown is displayed in the window containing your stream. Suitable for sporting events and all events that have a known start and end time.

Facebook Recurrent
Scheduled events with regular weekly recurrence, e.g. broadcasting runs each Wednesday from 7AM to 9AM and each Sunday from 9AM to 10AM. The following event with countdown is displayed on the Facebook Timeline.


Facebook supports a maximum resolution 1280x720p with 25/30 frames per seconds. If you set up an event to start earlier than 10 minutes, the event will be displayed on your Timeline with a start in 10 minutes, but your stream will still go Live at the time you have selected (Facebook feature).

Download the PDF here.
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