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Integration with AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller

20 Feb 2019 - 14:53

We have integrated the AXIS P3228-LV Network Camera with the Axis A1001 door controller to graphically display information about the user requesting access to the door directly in the H.264 video stream from the camera.

This connectivity provides an easy visual inspection of entering persons at the surveillance site in real time, and simultaneously enables the same control in recordings. The graphics are inserted into the image directly in the camera, becoming part of the H.264 video stream generated by the camera and making the integration much easier.

The camera itself serves as a computer running our two ACAP applications, the CamScripter App and the CamOverlay App (all applications are installed directly into the camera), and JavaScript micro app for the actual integration running inside of CamScripter App. Therefore, no HW or SW adaptations are required for the integration into the existing VMS solution.


The following video shows how the system works:


System components in the video:

AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller
AXIS A4011-E Reader with keypad
AXIS P3228-LV Network Camera (any with ARTPEC-6 processor or higher can be used)
CamScripter App
CamOverlay App
NFC cards


System Wiring Diagram


About the CamScripter App

The CamScripter App is a unique application that allows you to run micro apps directly on an Axis IP camera. You can choose from presets or tailor-made micro apps. The application runs inside an Axis network camera. In combination with the CamOverlay App, it allows you to embed any data from any source into your video.

Micro app for Door controller

The application has its own user interface (see picture below) where you can set the IP address, access details to Door controller, graphics position displayed in the camera image and manage photos of individual users registered in the Door controller. In our application, photos are stored on the SD card directly in the camera, but with a little adjustment can be read from a different source, such as your VMS server.

The application is freely downloadable together with its source code on our GitHub account here: https://github.com/CamStreamer


User interface of micro app


Live view of the camera


About the CamOverlay App

CamOverlay is a smart application that displays dynamic overlay graphics in the video directly on the Axis IP camera. The setup is easy. You can choose from preset overlays, such as a weather widget, info ticker line, custom transparent images, pictures from another camera and graphics related to PTZ positions. The application is also used to get graphics based on CamScripter App queries.


Sample integration is deployable in real-time traffic. Application properties can be customized by users who are experienced in JavaScript programming or directly by CamStreamer programmers upon request. The same or similar integration can be done with any network device that supports API communication.



Check How to set tutorial video here.

Download PDF brochure here.

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CamStreamer Team