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PTZ compass - widget in CamOverlay App

31 May 2019 - 14:53

Compass solution from CamStreamer company works smoothly on Axis cameras with ARTPEC-6 processor and higher (older processors do not have enough power to draw graphics). Perfect cameras for this application are Axis Q6215-LE and Axis P5655-E. Compass display current direction of camera view and level of current zoom (shown on sector width).


What problem solutions fixes:

  • orientation on crossroads
  • fast orientation where the camera is turned in camera control rooms
  • orientation on floor plan (streaming from events)


Potential customers:

  • traffic monitoring companies
  • security companies - CCTV monitoring
  • land scape cameras (National parks, holliday resorts)
  • event streaming companies


Which type of compasses are available:

  • Simple compass with cardinal directions (North, West, East, Side)

  • Point with sector on Google maps (standard, satellite, simplified – only roads and its names)


  • Point with sector on custom image


Installation of widget

For this preset widget, you need to download CamOverlay App. For testing try 30-days free trial.

Then activate preset widget in UI of CamOverlay App.



How to set compass

  1. Direct your camera to know cardinal direction (North, West, East, Side)

  2. Set cardinal direction in PTZ compass service settings

  3. Choose type of compass (for map select desired position and size of the map)

  4. For map and custom image click to image to place your camera on desired position

  5. Choose position of the compass in the picture

  6. Save your settings


Check all step in our tutorial video here.

Check out demo video here.

Download PDF brochure here.

For more information please contact us.




CamStreamer Team