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QR Codes as a Form of Monetization

21 Sep 2022 - 14:19

Each of us had already seen and probably even used a QR code. Those little black and white squares are everywhere around us and most modern smartphones have the built-in ability to read them. They usually serve as a link to a website, but did you know you can use them to monetize your livestreaming content

A Short History of QR Codes

QR Codes, or Quick Response Codes, were invented in 1994 by Denso Wave. It is a type of matrix barcode that usually send the reader to a website or application. First created for the automotive industry, QR codes soon spread to other industries thanks to their storage capacity and easy readability. Today they are most popular in industries utilizing low-touch solutions.  


How to Create a QR Code for Your Livestreams

You can generate QR codes on many free websites; we recommend goqr.me. Choose type, add relevant information and try out your QR code with a live preview. Once you got your QR code, load it into your livestream via the CamOverlay App. We’ve already shared step to step tutorial.


How to Utilize QR Code for Monetization?

Whatever link you’ll use when generating the QR code, will be its destination. If you want to use it for fundraising, just set a paywall of your choice as the target. Paypal is one of the easiest options. The QR code is set as an overlay, so it will stay on the video even when it’s archived. That means that you will be able to collect money as long as the video is up. For a practical example, see the Zemlinsky Quartet concert.

QR code in video of Zemlinský quartet concert


Not sure how to implement QR codes into your livestreams via the CamOverlay App?
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CamStreamer Team

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