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LIVE video streaming & recording Places of worship

30 Jul 2020 - 14:53

Internet live streaming solutions are in high demand in a number of fields, and they are being increasingly sought out for use in religious sanctuaries. Churches and other places of worship can take advantage of live streaming to bring people broadcasts of services, mass, baptisms, and other events, and they can also make recordings of such events available online.

Key characteristics

  • Easy Installation 
  • No computer required for operation (everything is handled by the IP camera connected to the internet)
  • One-time investment with no monthly fees (you pay only for the hardware and installation; operation costs nothing)
  • Easy controls (starting a live broadcast; requires no IT skills) 

There’s a wide range of possibilities for setting up a live broadcast, but solutions based on CamStreamer applications are unique in their simplicity. All one needs for live streaming is an AXIS network camera with the CamStreamer App and an internet connection. No other hardware required! Moreover, users don’t need to be IT experts in order to make regular use of their live broadcasts.


1) Select camera

For use in places of worship, we recommend choosing from three models of network camera that we’ve successfully tested for this type of installation. For live streaming, you need to install CamStreamer App ($299)

2) Choose audio

Quality audio transmission is very important for places of worship. Below, you’ll find a summary of the individual options:

1. Use of an internal microphone
2. Use of an external microphone
3. Use of an external audio source – many places of worship are equipped with their own sound system. We can connect that technology to our solution to broadcast online with audio (by cable or wireless with RØDE Wireless Go ($199)
4. Use of network audio with the AXIS C8033 Network Audio Bridge module ($199)

3) Set automation 

Here are the options for automation:

1. Automatic broadcasting
2. Video archive
3. Manual start using an external button
4. Indicator LED

4) Add dynamic graphics

Optional CamOverlay App ($299 or $499 in a bundle with CamStreamer App) can add dynamic graphics directly to the video, such as an info ticker, alternating graphics, and more.

    Streaming platform

    There are numerous options for where to transmit a live broadcast. You can choose from free platforms (YouTube, Facebook), paid platforms (Dacast, Wowza, Vimeo), and even platforms intended specifically for places of worship (e.g. StreamingChurch.tv).

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    Watch video on YouTube.

    Download the PDF brochure here.

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