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Quick guide to professional church live streaming

30 Jun 2019 - 14:53

We’ve recently added a new service to our CamStreamer App – the StreamingChurch.tv integration.
The new supported platform is here to make your church live streaming easier than ever before!


As technology is progressing, live streaming of masses, sermons, and parish events is becoming more and more popular and, importantly, also affordable. StreamingChurch.tv are experts in this field, providing a professional experience for your guests and members that your volunteer staff can operate – over the past 5 years, over 2 million people have attended one of their ministry’s online services! The core of such service popularity lies in easy implementation and superior customer support – things we at CamStreamer believe in too.


About StreamingChurch.tv

Streamingchurch.tv has been creating technology for ministries since 2001. Its services focus on replicating the experience of coming to your church in person by providing one of the most interactive experiences for your online viewers. The live broadcast can be easily embedded on your website, viewed on any device, and customized to suit your tastes and fit your design needs. You can also choose video options, pre-roll videos, multiple countdown timers, donation buttons, and much more. There’s also a moderated live chat and audience follow-up option to get a truly professional live service.

How it works

A minimum amount of technical experience is required to get things going. In general, all you need is:

  • An Axis IP camera
  • The CamStreamer App
  • An internet connection
  • An account on the StreamingChurch.tv platform

It’s also necessary to address audio transmission. For both cameras in the following examples, either connect to a mixing console (audio mixer) or connect a microphone to the camera.


Example A
  • AXIS V5915 (PTZ camera*) $2,599**
  • CamStreamer App $299
  • StreamingChurch Basic Unlimited Package $79/month

In total $2,898 one-time investment + $79/month

* A camera that is capable of remote directional and zoom control.

** Manufacturer’s suggested retail price.


The AXIS V5915 Network Camera offers HDTV with SDI and HDMI output, smooth pan/tilt/zoom, and 30x optical zoom. A major advantage of this camera is high-quality audio with XLR inputs, which allows you to get excellent stereo sound in your broadcast. Regarding the CamStreamer App, there’s a free 3-month trial with this camera. Once the trial ends, our CamStreamer App is a one-time purchase ($299). The StreamingChurch.tv basic unlimited package offers 30 days free, and then it’s only $79 per month.

To sum it all up, you can have a professional live stream for your ministry for $2,977 as a starting investment and $79/month after that.


Example B
  • AXIS P1375 (static camera) $649*
  • CamStreamer App $299
  • StreamingChurch Premium Unlimited Package $127/month

In total $948 one-time investment + $127/month

* Manufacturer’s suggested retail price.


The AXIS P1375 Network Camera offers excellent video quality, even in the most challenging light conditions, thanks to the newest generation of the Axis chipThanks to that, it’s an ideal choice for churches with low light conditions. Again, you’ll get a free trial (30 days for all Axis cameras on the market – you don’t have to stick with the recommended ones) of the CamStreamer App, with a one-time purchase after that. With the StreamingChurch.tv Premium Unlimited Package ($127/month), your viewers will be able to watch past videos, and you can customize video intro and, thanks to an adaptive bitrate, viewers with a weak internet connection will still be able to view your stream on any device.

Summarized, you can have a professional live stream for your ministry with an on-demand video option for your viewers, adaptive bitrate, and advanced features for $1,075 as a starting investment and $127/month after that.

How to set up the live stream in CamStreamer App

Last but not least, you need to get all the pieces together and set up the streaming. Again, it’s extremely easy and convenient:

  1. Download the CamStreamer App here
  2. Install the application on the camera in the App section
  3. Open the application and choose the StreamingChurch.tv service
  4. Fill in the encoder username and password
  5. Select the video quality and audio source
  6. Start streaming (or schedule automatic start and stop in version 3.X)

Check out setup video here.


That’s all it takes! For more information on live streaming from churches, read our blog articleor visit our Live Gallery for streaming examples from all over the world.


For more information please contact us.


CamStreamer Team