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YouTube integration

04 Nov 2019 - 13:53

The CamStreamer App is deeply integrated with the YouTube platform and offers many options for launching your stream or displaying it on your website. The functionality options listed below are available in application version 3.X. If your camera does not support this version due to outdated FW, please contact us for more detailed information or try out a 30-day trial version on your camera.

Application compatibility can be verified here: https://camstreamer.com/download-app

Launch options

a) Manually via the application’s user interface
b) Manually via a button connected to the camera
c) Automatically via API
d) Scheduled launch with a regular weekly schedule
e) Scheduled launch for a specific date and time

Individual demonstrations of the user interface for scheduling are available in the usecase “How to set up scheduling and triggering in CamStreamer App”


Your video can be streamed in three different privacy modes.
Public – your stream will be publicly searchable on YouTube
Unlisted – only people with a link will be able to watch your stream
Private – only your YouTube account will be able to watch your stream

CamStreamer YouTube Watchdog

If you choose YouTube Live Events – 24/7, your stream will be protected by our watchdog.

What this means: If your stream is terminated due to an error in the camera, network, or directly on YouTube, the watchdog will immediately restart your stream as soon as possible.

Dynamic names

With manual events and repeating weekly events, you can turn on automatically generated extensions for your events, which are either ordinal numbers or the dates of when the events take place.


Planned events are created in advance on YouTube with an active countdown until the time the live stream is to begin. For this type of event, YouTube users can turn on a notification for the beginning of the stream.

Other advanced options

Description – you can add a description that will appear under your video
Preview picture - the preview picture is visible in a scheduled event and a stopped embedded player. It is not possible to delete the preview picture for already running broadcasting, but you can replace it with another one.
Tags – tags that can help your video be found on YouTube
Latency – the delay with which your video is streamed on YouTube
Enable DVR – Viewers will be able to seek backwards while you are streaming. Two hours are available for Low-latency and Ultra-low-latency streams and 4 hours for normal-latecy
Countdown – possibility to turn off the automatic countdown immediately after creating a YouTube event (e.g. 3 days in advance). Each scheduled event has a countdown of 15 minutes before the start.

Permanent link, Permanent player and YT playlist codes

If for some reason your stream is terminated by YouTube (e.g. the camera loses connectivity for 24 hours) and is restarted by our watchdog, our solution offers continuous availability via a redirector. The codes are available next to a preview window in your stream’s settings.
Permanent link – this link always directs to your stream; it can be entered as a link into the text of a website

Embedded permanent player – a player for embedding video on your website; it always shows the current live stream

Embedded YT playlist – if you have chosen to incorporate video into a specific playlist created on YouTube in the “Advanced options”, by using this code you can embed a play window onto your website, which will show a selection of other videos from the playlist. This can be used e.g. for scheduled streams when you want users to be able to play old videos and at the same time see the most recently streamed video after the page loads or what is scheduled and displayed on YouTube with a countdown.


For audio, you can use a microphone, audio from another camera via an RTSP link, or your own audio file in mp3 format. When using your own choice of audio, make sure to be careful of copyright. YouTube automatically monitors
audio tracks and terminates streams that violate copyright or bans them from being publicly broadcast.

Useful to know: Activation of YouTube live streaming takes place for 24 hours

In order for you to be able to play the video on websites other than YouTube, you have to allow embedding (verify here: YouTube Studio (Beta) -> Creator Studio Classic -> Channel). Old accounts allow embedding automatically. New accounts must first connect a YouTube account with an AdSense account and request activation, which again takes roughly 24 hours.

Types of YouTube services in the CamStreamer App

YouTube Live events 24/7 - The best solution for continuous broadcasting, e.g. holiday resorts, weather cameras, wild nature cameras, traffic cameras etc.

YouTube Live events Manual - Event without scheduling. You can start/stop your stream whenever you want via the user interface or via an external button connected to the camera. Event supports repeated use with starts and stops and continues to function until you delete it. It is suitable for institutions such as municipalities, churches and all timesensitive events that require manual triggering.

YouTube One-Time - Scheduled event with one-time recurrence. A countdown is displayed in the window containing your stream. Suitable for sporting events and all events that have a known start and end time.

YouTube Recurrent - Scheduled events with regular weekly recurrence, e.g. broadcasting runs each Wednesday from 7AM to 9AM and each Sunday from 9AM to 10AM. The following event with countdown is displayed on the YouTube channel.

Download the PDF here.
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