Excellent video quality

Up to 4K resolution

Your video resolution is your choice. If you have enough bandwidth, you can stream even in amazing 4K quality.
We understand that 1080p streaming might not be a sufficient resolution in some situations. This is why YouTube recently started supporting 4K live streaming and this is why AXIS has 4K cameras in their portfolio.

  What is 4K resolution on AXIS camera?

4K UltraHD delivers up to four times more detail than the standard HDTV 1080p resolution. AXIS 4K UltraHD cameras offer a 3840x2160px image size with a 30fps frame rate and 16:9 aspect ratio.

For the 4K stream, you must use a camera model with 4K support (AXIS 1448-LE) and (AXIS Q6128-E). You also need to ensure sufficient internet connection with the channel uploading speed of 13-30 Mbs.

High resolution cameras are suitable for digital autotracking and virtual cameras.


Up to 60/120 FPS

If you plan to stream sports, go for an AXIS camera supporting 120 frames per second. We will stream it out. When creating a live broadcast, with rapid movement in front of the camera, image smoothness is required. This is mainly in sports where the blurred motion of athletes destroys the whole live broadcast. Suitable camera is Axis Q3515-LVE.

The AXIS Q16 series cameras delivers up to 120 frames per second (fps). These high frequencies of frame rate can also be set-up in the CamStreamer App. For proper functioning, however, you need to set the “Capture Mode” section correctly. With today's current frame rate of 25fps or 50fps at the FullHD resolution, the 120fps option offers a completely smooth output image.


For high frame rate, you need plenty of light or you need a high-quality, fast shutter lens.