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Lincoln School Harbor cam

This location from atop the Lincoln Park Middle School in Duluth offers a unique panoramic view of the Western Duluth Harbor. The Saint Louis River, the largest U.S. river flowing into Lake Superior, is a key feature of West Duluth. It exhibits diverse landscapes from marshy estuaries to forested banks upstream, hosting a variety of wildlife. Historically, it has been an industrial hub, supporting sectors like steel production, shipping, lumber, paper manufacturing and other natural resouces. Significant bridges, including the John A. Blatnik Bridge and the Bong Bridge, span the river, connecting Duluth and Superior. The river remains a vital natural resource and a symbol of resilience for West Duluth. Many thanks to the many viewers who donated to this project and to the Duluth School District 709 who made this location possible.

Technical solution

AXIS Q6135-LE is a high-speed PTZ camera that offers OptimizedIR up to 250 m (820 ft) as well as Lightfinder 2.0 for clear, sharp overviews and excellent details in demanding light conditions. It’s ideal for city surveillance in any unlit or low-light area – such as parks and alleys– eliminating the need for additional lighting. AXIS Q6135-LE is equipped with OptimizedIR with automatically adaptable IR LED illumination enabling surveillance in total darkness up to 250 m (820 ft) or more depending on the scene. Thanks to the sharpdome design it allows you to see 20° above the horizon with the same sharp image quality as below. It offers 32x optical zoom, superior video and excellent details in HDTV 1080p resolution.

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