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Chattahoochee River - Azalea Park Dock, USA

Chattahoochee River Park is a great little park not far outside the city that is very family friendly, and great for flatwater paddling.

Technical solution

The bullet-style AXIS P1405-LE provides excellent image quality in HDTV 1080p resolution. It features a varifocal P-iris lens. P-iris control provides optimal depth of field, resolution, image contrast and clarity. AXIS P1405-LE supports Axis’ Corridor Format for vertically oriented video streams of areas such as corridors, hallways or aisles. The pixel counter assures that the pixel resolution of an object fulfills requirements for identification purposes. Remote zoom and focus eliminate the need for hands-on fine tuning. The outdoor-ready camera has an adjustable weather shield protecting it from rain, snow and direct sunlight.

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