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Boca19 Panorama test

Situated on the southern coast of the enchanting island of Curaçao, Dutch Antilles, Santa Barbara Beach stands as an idyllic sanctuary for travellers in pursuit of relaxation, beauty, and luxury. Barbara Beach has become an integral part of Sandals Royal Curaçao, featuring a golf course and marina, and is exclusively accessible to guests of the resort. Panorama camera is located at Restaurant https://boca19.com

Technical solution

Do you need a camera that ensures complete coverage and excellent image quality with no blind spots? Built on ARTPEC-8, this multisensor, cost-efficient camera supports advanced analytics based on deep learning on the edge. This 7 MP multisensor camera offers a single smooth and cohesive video stream with 180° panoramic coverage and captures high resolution images with incredible details up to 30 fps. Thanks to horizon straightening, it ensures visually balanced images. Plus, the operator’s viewing experience will be more natural due to the straightened horizon in the image. With seamless stitching across all 4 images, it delivers a coherent-looking image in one single video stream for a perfect overview without any stitch in the center.

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