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Rodos Palladium Beach Live

Rhodes has always been a place of particular interest due to the island’s natural beauty, magnificent Italian architecture and a history stretching back to 2400 years. Discover the island that has been characterized as a crossroad of civilizations, where each one of them has left their footprint behind creating an astonishing amalgam of unsurpassed beauty.

Technical solution

AXIS P5635-E Mk II PTZ Dome Network Camera is a cost-effective, high-performance HDTV 1080p camera with 30x optical zoom. It enables high-definition video streaming of large indoor and outdoor areas and provides great details when zooming in. Focus recall means it’s faster and easier for operators to find focus in a predefined area than with regular autofocus. Suitable applications include city surveillance, or, as you can see, a hotel. AXIS P5635-E Mk II features a continuous 360° pan capability, with no mechanical stop, for fast camera repositioning and smooth, continuous broadcast.

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