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Renesse aan Zee from Axis M3106 Mk II, the Netherlands

Welcome to Renesse, one of the most popular holiday destinations on the Dutch coast. That is not surprising, given the location. You will find long beaches with beautiful dunes, forest areas, polders and of course the ever-present sea. And if somewhere the sun shines in the Netherlands, then that is almost always (sometimes even only) in Renesse.

Technical solution

AXIS M3106-LVE Mk II is a flexible mini dome that gives you built-in IR illumination and 4 MP video quality at an attractive price. Our best-in-class product, it’s suitable for outdoor use and perfect at the back entrance of a store, restaurant or hotel, for instance. With its built-in IR illumination AXIS M3106-LVE Mk II is ideal for situations where it’s sometimes dark or the lighting can be poor. Its innovative flat-faced design suppresses light reflections to maximize image usability when recording in the dark. AXIS M3106-LVE Mk II also offers Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) for excellent detail when light levels vary greatly, for example, at entrances with bright daylight outside and dimmer light inside.

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