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Goat Village Camera B - Hay View (HD + Audio)

At Farm on The Lake's "Goat Village" you'll be able to experience fascinating, mischievous, intriguing and majestic goats all seasons 24/7 HD + Audio We at Farm on The Lake don't believe in mediocrity and want our customers to experience the very best. We left no stone unturned to develop an infrastructure just to live stream HD for your customers Stable HD live streaming in a rural farm area is challenging to say the least but well worth it You'll see HD crystal clear majestic pictures with audio and it will be like having your very own LIVE Discovery or National Geographic channel Destress yourself with sights and sounds of nature and take a break from daily anxiety. Strengthen your mental health by observing nature and goats in their natural environment There is much more exciting and innovative stuff to come so please stay tuned on our socials (Instagram, Facebook) and our website @ https://farmonthelake.com

Technical solution

Looking for cost-effective 24/7-surveillance – indoors or outdoors? AXIS P1448-LE Network Camera has you covered. A sturdy and flexible camera with a long list of great Axis features, AXIS P1448-LE is ideal for a multitude of purposes. It’s also the first camera in the P14 Series with both 4K resolution and built-in IR. AXIS P1448-LE captures still or motion-filled footage in high resolution and under difficult light conditions – including complete darkness. That’s because it delivers 4K resolution at 25/30 fps and features all our brilliant Axis light-compensating features. There’s Axis Forensic WDR for clarity when there are both dark and light areas in the scene. P-iris for optimal depth of field, resolution and image contrast. Axis Lightfinder for color images in near darkness. And Axis OptimizedIR, which fully illuminates completely dark scenes for up to 25 meters (82 ft).

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