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Sports: what you need to know about live streaming

22 Jan 2019 - 09:42

Live sport broadcast is an extremely popular type of content. This is not a surprising statement. The Super Bowl or the UEFA Champions League finals rank among the most-watched broadcasts of all time (by far!). Proportionately, online sport live streams bring viewership and, when broadcast via social media, engagement and reach.


Years ago, live broadcasts hardware and software demands made this type of content hardly available. Sporting events often take place outside and thus bring higher demands on hardware weather-resistance, mobility, weight and durability. Nowadays, with possibilities of IP cameras and digital technologies, live broadcasting of sporting events can be easy, accessible and relatively low-cost venture.


Specifics of sports live streaming


Weather resistance

Sports, in many cases, take place outside during diverse weather conditions. If athletes endure rain, cold or heat, so should your streaming equipment. Don’t forget to consider this before you buy your hardware.



For the reasons mentioned above, IP cameras are useful tools when it comes to live streaming sporting events. Many types of IP cameras are well adjusted to outdoor usage and they often endure even harsh weather conditions, so you don’t have to worry about rain, snow or cold during the game.


Dynamic movement

Movement, in most cases a typical feature of sport, can also bring difficulties. Athletes moving in top speeds, car races, horse races etc. lead to higher requirements on video frame rate, resolution and bit rate.



Don’t underestimate an adequate frame rate, otherwise the image could become blurred. DaCast recommends at least 60 frames-per-second frame rate with 1080p full HD resolution to achieve fluent and high-quality viewer experience. You can also find a useful article about bit rate in streaming on our website.



Most sport live streams demand appropriate infographics. It’s just not such fun to watch baseball or soccer game without knowing the actual score. Even when it comes to leisure activities, where the competition is not really relevant (as in ski resorts’ live broadcasts), it can be very useful to know current weather conditions, temperature, forecast etc.



In this case, CamOverlay App is affordable and easy-to-implement way to display sports score (or weather info). It offers integration of Sportzcast service and allows display the latest results of broadcasted event directly to your video. However, you’ll need an API-integrated scoreboard. For those who want to avoid difficult programming as well as purchasing a new scoreboard, there’s a smart workaround with Picture-in-picture service in CamOverlay App. An effective sports live streaming with real-time score info can, therefore, be started with nothing more than two Axis cameras and our embedded apps. We’ve recently published an article about Picture-in-picture service on our blog. Or you can display score via CamOverlay App service name Info Ticker. It can be updated manually or via API.



Case study: Broadcasting gymnastics championship


The National Artistic Gymnastics Championships 2018 organized by the Romanian Gymnastics Federation was a sporting event of national importance. Moreover, it was also a crucial test before the Doha Artistic Gymnastics World Championships. To complement the interest the event aroused, the organizers wanted to broadcast live for the broad fan community on social media.


The live stream was provided by means of three Full HD Axis cameras: the AXIS Q1635, the AXIS P1365 Mk II, and the AXIS V5915. To ensure smooth and reliable live streaming with excellent picture quality without overloading the available network bandwidth, the CamStreamer App was used to broadcast on multiple channels on Facebook. The cameras’ own overlay options made it possible to display sponsor logos.


The result was more than satisfying: the event’s streaming solution was covered by several online media, and the stream itself enjoyed significant engagement on all three Facebook pages that broadcast live, with approximately 88,000 views and more than 5,000 reactions, comments, and shares.


Different occasions, different solutions


Case study above is just one of the many examples of successful sport live streaming. Follow our website to learn more about sport live streaming and solutions that we offer.


Furthermore, there are many 24/7 live streams in our Live Gallery where sporting leisure activities play a leading role. Ski resorts and golf clubs are the most typical examples of popular live video broadcasts.


Stay tuned to learn more about streaming solutions for particular occasions.

CamStreamer Team

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