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MEDview: Brunnsparken, Varberg

During the 19th century, Varberg became a health resort. The tradition dates back to 1811, when Svartekällan in Apelviken south of the city, was first advertised as a sour well. A well house was built over the spring in 1817, but from 1837 it was found more practical to transport the water to Varberg, where it was served in the well salon in Brunnsparken opposite the church. The park was fenced with a paddock, where parties, concerts and so on were held for the bathing society. Today, Brunnsparken in Varberg is a lively place in the heart of central Varberg. It houses restaurants and bars as well as shops and a magnificent church built 1769-1772. The Tourist Information is also located here. Feel free to visit https://www.visitvarberg.se/ The view is taken from Galleria Trädgården. See https://www.galleriatradgarden.se/ This view is presented in collaboration with NOD, the Business and Destination Office in Varberg. Visit NOD at https://naringsliv.varberg.se/

Technical solution

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