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C & FC Hermes-D.V.S. was founded in 1884 and is one of the oldest clubs in the Netherlands. In addition to tradition and sportsmanship, performance and recreation are of paramount importance. Currently, more than 800 people at various levels practice one or more sports at our association. Because Hermes-D.V.S. focuses on many sports, we can call ourselves a real omni association where young and old feel at home. Football, cricket, rugby and squash can be played at a competitive level. Via the red line below in the YouTube stream you can watch (the match) max. 12 hours back.

Technical solution

AXIS P1365 Mk II offers outstanding light sensitivity, supporting Lightfinder and WDR – Forensic Capture, it optimizes the video for extreme levels of detail even in low-light and dark environments. Delivering HDTV 1080p video up to 50/60 fps with reduced noise and motion blur, the camera captures moving objects even in high-pace environments. Axis Zipstream analyzes and optimizes the video stream saving bandwidth and storage while maintaining video quality. AXIS P1365 Mk II includes the ability to seamlessly transition between WDR and Lightfinder. With a CS-mount, the camera supports a variety of lens options. AXIS T91B21 Stand allows for discreet cable management.

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